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Ascending by akreon
by akreon

I first wish to say that your picture is amazing. I love your work, and this drawing is no acceptable. It's simply amazing. Vision: You...

Commission - Owl by Redilion

This painting looks completely and utterly amazing. The colors are very nicely mixed and bring out the picture in ways that grabbed me ...

Owl commission WIP by Redilion

The work is very breath taking. The feathers and the look of the owl is very realistic. I love the framing part, which gives it a good ...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

You can call me - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
T H E Q U E E N- or - T H E R U L E R «
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Arsyia Capulet (wolf) --- Orange Katharina --- Falknor --- Caleb --- Raven --- Toxic Leaf

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Arsyia Capulet (were-fox) --- Freya Lissandra --- Kiwidinok Shakini --- Sammy --- Dierdre McGunner

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Woke up from a nightmare by Arsyia
Woke up from a nightmare
Lineart by Lovehatesorrow
Coloring / Editing by Arsyia
Happy Be An Angel Day by Arsyia
Happy Be An Angel Day
DO NOT use this for anything!

My new foster kitty Blue Diamond! He is up for adoption in Georgia.
Marigold by Arsyia
Foster kitty coming to say hello! She is up for adoption through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.
Bunny 2 / New Digs by Arsyia
Bunny 2 / New Digs
Ash and Gordon got some new toys and a castle! They are up for adoption, so if you live in Georgia and looking for your forever friend let me know.
Foster Bunnies by Arsyia
Foster Bunnies

Play time for Gordon (black) and Ash (grey)! Both are my fosters from the Georgia House Rabbit Society, and they are up for adoption.

Ash is jumping around hoping to avoid grooming, while Gordon hogs out on the food. YUM!

Note: Don't mind the picture's bad quality. I took them from my phone. Also, if anyone is wondering what is wrong with Gordon there is nothing to be concerned about. She is molting, that is why her hair is like that.

Hello, you from and wish for me to create you an avatar?
This is the place to be! All information regarding avatars are listed below along with how to sign up, what you need to know, terms of use, and what I offer. Be aware that just because the information is here, does not mean you have to request it here. I would prefer if you would request an avatar in my PMs on wolfplay or just shoot me a PM that you requested it elsewhere.

What kind of avatars do I do?
- Stock Manipulation is the main type of avatars that I do.
- Lineart. If someone wants a colored wolf using a lineart, I do sometimes do lineart.
Which is where I take a blank picture, and color/shade in the picture.
- Collages using WP images and/or other pictures.
- I also can add different kind of effects such as fire, water, glowing,
blood, horns, wings, small movements, etc.

Stock Avatars I have done
Commission for Tears Of A Feather
Commission for Paint
Commission for Paint
Lucky Shamrock Woods Commission
Northwest Wolves Commission
Eclipse Wolf Comission
Fantasy Demon Pack Comission
Fantasy Demon Pack Comission 2
Comission for Limbo
Commission for Death Shadow Pack
Commission for Black
Commission for Seasons
SOLD to EvilRevenge
Comet's Legacy Comission
Spirit Warriors Comission
Maul O' Emnity Comission
Bloodstone Pack Comission
The Reborn's Comission
Fog and Mists Comission

Lineart Avatars I have done
IRunWithWolvess Comission
Feral Sins Comission
Unknown Spirits Comission
Indian Wolfs Comission
Feral Sins Avatar

Collage Avatars I have done
Feral Sins Avatar

Avatars for sale
None at the moment


Coloring is the complete opposite and involves things being colored from the main focus to other objects.
Package 1. 10 mushrooms : A single wolf with your pack number and name. Wolf may be colored to look like one of your wolves.
Package 2. 40 Mushrooms : A single wolf with your pack number and name. There will be a background. Wolf may be colored to look like one of your wolves
Package 3. 50 mushrooms: Two OR more wolves with your pack number and name. There will be a background. The wolf may be colored to look like one of your wolves. Any additional coloring will cost 10mushrooms more. So, if you want two wolves colored instead of one it will make the price 60mushrooms instead.

Note: Lineart coloring cost TWICE as much mush. It takes awhile to do, and includes shading, coloring backgrounds, drawing objects, etc. Be sure to state if it's stock work (normal price) or lineart when willing out the form.

Not coloring is where I do not have to color anything in the avatar. Although, I will fix any details that need it, and I will clean up any problems within the avatar. I will not change colors of anything though, and I will not add any large effects. If you want a pond to be blood for example, the not coloring packages will not get that done.

Package 1. 10 mushrooms : A single wolf with your pack name and number. You will get a background with no special effects.
Package 2. 15 Mushrooms : Two wolves with your pack name and number. You will get a background with special effects
Package 3. 20 Mushrooms : 3 to 4 wolves with your pack name and number. You will get a background with special effects. For all additional add ons it will be 10 mushrooms each. So, if you want 5 wolves instead of 4 it will be 30mushrooms. Price may increase as well depending on the difficulty, effects, etc.

NOTE: Instead of doing wolves, I will do other animals. This includes, but limited to, dragons, cats, tigers, fish, dogs, lions, tigers, horses, and other creatures.
I will do small animations for an extra 10mush for each thing you want animated. I will not do overly complicated animations though.

Collage Avatars
Collage avatars are taking pictures of your wolves OR pictures provided to me and placing them into a collage. Normally all pictures will have a saying and/or name on the picture.

Package 1. 5 mushrooms: Three pictures in collage with no special effects. However, it will have your pack name, number and have names/saying on each picture.
Package 2. 20mushrooms: Up to five pictures in collage. It can have special effects, a boarder, pack number, pack name, and have names/saying on each picture
Package 3. 50mush: Up to 10 pictures in collage. It can have special effects, a boarder, pack number, pack name, and have names/saying on each picture.

For every picture past that added it will be an additional 10mush.
Small animations added on will be 10mush.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that all the images come from one source due to the crediting rules. If you wish for images other than your wolves on WP, then you need to provide ALL the pictures. All wolves on WP prior to the avatar and duration of avatar production must be in the position you want, have the name you want, AND have the background you want. Gear and decor on the wolf will appear, but it will not be added on if they do not have it.

How do you get one?

In order to get an avatar from me, you just do the following steps.
Step 1. Read the information here focusing on the packages and the terms listed below. I wrote them out in order to make sure everything is clear. If something is not, be sure to ask about it.
Step 2. You can either send me a WP PM me or comment here to order describe what you want OR will out the form below in deep details of what you would like to have. If you are not detailed and clear, I will be unable to do it correctly.
Step 3. I will respond to you on what it will cost, and any questions I may have. You will be placed on a waiting list. Avatars can take 2+ days to do depending on what is going on. So, please be patient! I will message you when its ready.

Form to fill out:
1. Your pack name and Number. Do you want it on the picture or no?:
2. Which package? (coloring or not coloring? Lineart? Collage? Package number?):
3. Theme? (dark, light, native American, mythical, etc):
4. What animal(s) do you want? How many? What should be the main focus? What kind of background do you want? (only fill out the information that regards your package! Be as detailed as possible on what exactly you want in your avatar. If you want a certain stock/image/lineart used, give me the link.):
5. Do you want me to color a wolf for you? Which wolf(s) do you want me to use for this picture? Or is there a certain color of wolf you want for this picture? (Be aware of your package. If you choice to not have a wolf colored, you cannot request it to be colored. If you want a certain wolf --white for example-- be sure to tell me here):
6. Additional information. (Do you want me add something else? Is there something I should know?):

Terms of use:
- You may not use the avatar until I am paid.
- If you want something changed, you need to tell me. After three days, you give up the rights for anything to be changed.
- You may not sell, give away, and/or use outside of WP without my written permission.
- Do not claim the avatars as yours. Be sure to credit me, along with ALL stock used.
- At any point in time that I am creating the avatar you wish to cancel, let me know. Once it is completed, you cannot cancel. If you refuse to pay, you will be put on the "X" list. This list will be explained further down.
- I do NOT do refunds. I make sure all of my avatars can be used, correct size, free stock, etc. I will be sure to explain how to put it up and to credit it. If you do not do it correctly, that is YOUR fault, not mine. Only thing I will do is add the credits directly onto the avatar if YOU request it.
- Do not change my avatar in anyway. You may only resize it, add your pack number/name on it, and/or add the credits to it. Any other change will not be allowed.

I am not afraid to revoke permissions of my avatars. I will not revoke them over rudeness, fights, disagreements, etc. This is purely business, and as long as those terms are followed I will not revoke your permission. If revoked, I will remove your permission, name, and number from your avatar, then resell it to someone else. Thus, please be respectful to my term and how I operate my business. It's not only for my protection, but also for yours and the other artists' work that is being used.

I do not do refunds for avatars. I have sold and created many avatars, thus I know all my products are done correctly. If there is a problem with an avatar contact me soon as you can. I will attempt to fix the avatar if there is a problem, and if I do not know what the problem is I will personally contact one myself.

If you do not like the avatar, you have THREE days to inform of this, and I will fix what is wrong with it. I will NOT completely redo the avatar. I will only make small changes. If you wish for me to make larger changes or redo the whole avatar it will be a fee of 5mush. If the avatar is completely different from what you ordered due to my own mistake, I will do it for free.

Waiting List
This is simply the waiting list on avatars. This may not be up to date, so just be patient! Usually I will only take up to three at a time depending on what I have time for.

- The Valley/93613 (No pack number, Lineart/package 3, Moonless night singing/howling in valley --- wolves in stars -- Foxleap and Black Oak, animation howling OR shooting star, 130mush/not paid) In progress
- Open
- Open

X List
This list is for people who have not paid for their avatar, broke my terms, and/or caused some kind of problem to be placed here. This is not to be considered a punishment, nor is it to hurt anyone's feelings. This is not so people can look up and know who to not do business with. These are simply people that I personally do not wish to do business with again due to them giving me some kind of trouble or breaking a term. If someone is offended and/or upset over this just speak to me calmly in order to figure out a better way of renaming this.

Werewolves Of Forks/86276
The Reborn/72966

Journal History

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